Notable Achievements

Land Issues

Senator Njeru Ndwiga tabled a motion in the Senate, on behalf of the Catholic Diocese of Embu, to have the title deed for St. Angela’s Children’s home reverted to the. A lot of leaders were unable due to threats issued by the perpetrators of the fraud.


Looking at the number of Bills that he has sponsored at the Senate, there is a good reason why the people of Embu should give Senator Njeru Ndwiga a second term so as to continue the good work he has done for us as the people of Embu County.


Senator Njeru Ndwiga’s Bill saw the coffee earn Kenya Sh8.7 billion in February, up from Sh4.5 billion that was realised in the same time last year.

Legislative Efforts

  • Senator Njeru Ndwiga sponsored the Coffee Bill 2020 (Senate Bill No. 22). This is the Bill that has resulted in the current improved coffee payments because most loopholes through which the money used to be lost have been sealed.
  • Tea Bill 2021 (Senate Bill No. 36). Tea farmers are nowadays paid within two weeks of the tea sale. The same law says that the payment should not be less that half of the amount paid at the Tea Auction.
  • Cotton Bill 2021 (Senate Bill No. 55). Cotton farming collapsed because of lack of regulations to protect farmers from brokers. This law has placed the management and marketing under the Government so as to protect the farmer.
  • Mung Beans (Ndengu) Bill 2020 (Senate Bill No. 9). This is the law made Ndengu a Cash Crop. As a cash crop it means that there is a law governing the farming, marketing and management of Ndengu so that the farmer is adequately for his efforts.
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