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    Peter Njeru Ndwiga is a Kenyan politician. He is currently the Senator for Embu County and the chairman of the Agriculture and Livestock Committee of the Senate. He was minister for the Co-operative Development and Marketing in Kenya and a former member of parliament for the Manyatta Constituency and Runyenjes Constituency. He was member of parliament for Manyatta Constituency which is now in Embu County on Party of National Unity ticket between 2002 and 2007. Prior to this he was the member of parliament for Runyenjes Constituency between 1992 and 1997 and then the member of parliament for the newly created Manyatta Constituency between 1998 and 2001.


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    Notable achievements

    Increasing the Embu County Revenue allocation
    In 2018 Embu County used to get an allocation of 4.8 billion. Senator Njeru Ndwiga championed for an increase. As we speak, the allocation has been increased to 8.6 billion. This is almost double the amount we used to get from the National Treasury at the time Hon. Njeru Ndwiga was elected to the Senate..
    Coffee Bill 2020 (Senate Bill No. 22)
    This is the Bill that has resulted in the current improved coffee payments because most loopholes through which the money used to be lost have been sealed. Senator Njeru Ndwiga Mchapakazi
    Tea Bill 2021 (Senate Bill No. 36)
    Tea farmers are nowadays paid within two weeks of the tea sale. The same law says that the payment should not be less that half of the amount paid at the Tea Auction. Senator Njeru Ndwiga Mchapakazi!

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    In FocusNdwiga: Leadership, Experience, Values means something.

    Candidate Njeru Ndwiga will fight for strong neighborhood schools, higher incomes, and an economy that works for everyone.


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    Am glad to have you my senator who never jokes with your work

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    My friend senator i wish you all the best na chama ni UDA 🟡

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    I admire your way of leadership and this year I support you fully for Embu senatorial seat,wanja from kiriari manyatta

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